Personal Sight Response- The Gregorian Terrace Hotel

Outside view of the Gregorian Hotel

The Georgian Terrace Hotel has been known to be a very lavish and beautiful location. It is located across the street from the Fox Theatre. The hotel has been around since 1911 and became popular because the opening gala for Gone With the Wind was hosted there. Since then they have hosted many exclusive social events.

The pillars above the foyer
View of the foyer

My experience at the hotel was great! I arrived at the hotel around 11 in the morning. I walked through a set of double doors and then into a beautiful foyer with plush couches and chairs arranged in a circle.  When you look up, you can see vast white pillars all around connected to make a circular monument that continues all the way up to the ceiling with an opening to each floor of the hotel. The receptionist greeted me and when I explained my purpose she had me wait for the hotel Manager. The hotel Manager shook my hand and then gave me permission to take photos. He then guided me down the hall to a dining room.

View of first room after the entrance
View of from the bottom of the stairs

The first thing that caught my attention was the paintings on the wall that were framed with white trimmings. I also noticed the gorgeous crystal chandeliers hanging in the center of the room. Then I proceeded to walk down the stairs, at the bottom of the stairs, you can see a different view of the room. The stairs lead down to the lower level of the hotel where the conference rooms are located. There were photos on the wall of what the original hotel look like before it was renovated to what it is today. Then I walked to Edgar’s P&P which is a drinkrey. The restaurant is the most authentic part of the hotel because it is the original structure of the hotel. I was not able to go inside because the restaurant did not open until 5 pm. But from what I could see, it looked very old-fashioned and rustic. The restaurant had dark concrete floors and brown brick walls, it also had barrels on the wall and simple hang lighting.

View of Edgar’s P&P
The Ballroom

Once I left Edgar’s P&P, I was shown the ballroom. The ballroom was dazzling with crystal chandeliers. On the ceiling, there was white trimming with detailed carvings. And next to the stage there are white pillars with crown molding and lights on all four sides. The room was being set up for a wedding that weekend, so the chairs were leading up to a stage. Overall, the hotel is a beautiful antique. It was like a snapshot in time of what life was like back then. All throughout the hotel is white marble flooring and white metal railings. Even with the renovations, the hotel still captures the essence of Georgian lifestyle.


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