BEA Outline

Thesis:  The residential distribution in Atlanta is extremely divided. One may not be able to tell at first glance, but in the analysis, I will explain how gentrification and job opportunities have affected black culture and create a more divided built environments within Atlanta today.

1st claim: Atlanta gentrification rate is one of the highest in the country

2nd claim: Inman Park is used as the first example to explain how gentrification has affected a specific neighborhood in Atlanta.

3rd claim: The negative effects of gentrification: occupational opportunities.

Conclusion: Summarize and reiterate how gentrification has positively and negatively affected the built environment of Atlanta.

Overall, I will present my presentation in a powerpoint and incorporate interesting videos and facts to help support my evidence. I definitely think that I will have to do some additional research. I will focus my presentation on the effects gentrification has on the occupation opportunities of it residents and how those factors affect the quality of life for residents in those areas.

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