Focused Built Environment Description- Inman Park

A contemporary home in Inman Park
The lilac house in Inman Park
A traditional home in Inman Park
Apartments in Inman Park

Inman Park Neighborhood is one of Atlanta’s first planned neighborhoods. It is known as the “Garden Suburb” there are lots of trees and flowers. Although it is a huge area with lots of shops and restaurants.; there is also an amazing array of homes. There are several different types of houses all of which carry their own personality. There is a range of architecture. Some homes are newer and look more contemporary and sleek. They are huge glass windows, and untraditional stairways made of stone. Then there are some that are old-fashioned and authentic. Those have a traditional entryway with concrete stairs and porches painted white. The houses are made of shingles that are painted countless vibrant and dark colors. There was one house, in particular, that is painted a bright lilac color. One aspect that truly draws one’s attention, is the way the homes are arranged. There are newer homes next to old ones, and apartments across the street from houses. Old-fashioned next to contemporary and modern. Some of the houses look like they have been there for decades and have been remodeled. There was a row, of what looks like townhouses next to the path under the bridge. Each house is a different color; one of them is a charming burgundy brown with bricks. Another one is white and brick with pale lime green curtains. Each house in Inman Park tells its own story, in combination with the shops and restaurants. Inman park is very inviting, and a great way to spend a Sunday.

*All photos taken by Gabriella Anetekhai


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