Focused Built Environment Description- The Gregorian Terrace Hotel


Example of Chandelier and detailed ceiling

The Georgian Terrace hotel has great architecture. The mix between modern contemporary fashion along with traditional Georgian style is one of its own. One aspect that catches one’s attention is the detail all throughout the hotel. Each room has beautiful ceiling architecture with classy crystal chandeliers. The space is used very well in comparison to modern day where everything is very plain and monotone.

Example of detail in ceiling structures
Example of different lighting

Contemporary style encourages high ceilings with strict color patterns and abstract art that can be seen as a waste of space. But Gregorian style is classic and antique; it tells a story about the culture. The ceiling architecture in each room along with the various light fixtures gives each room its own personality.  Some rooms do not have trim ceilings, and others have intricate carvings of patterns all along the ceilings, on the railings and walls.

View of stained glass window

There is one room where the ceiling is made of stain-glassed windows. The windows have patterns of squares that have shades of red, blue, green, orange and yellow. Around the windows, there is a stone wall made of brick. Because of the glass windows and brick, this room can resemble a chapel. The ceilings of each room are very distinct and make the atmosphere feel very grand and luxurious.

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