Personal Site Response-Inman Park

Apartments with some shops below
Houses next to the path under the bridge
The path under the bridge
Highland Ave with some shops

On Sunday, February 12th around 1:30 pm, I arrive at  Inman Park neighborhood located of off Highland Ave.  It’s surprising because I never knew that this area even existed. I think that the area is super cute and the weather outside feels great, it all makes the experience even better. I park on the street just before the bridge and then walk over the bridge to where the shops are. But, while on the bridge I look down and see a walkway, people are walking in both directions under the bridge. Some faces were full of smiles and laughter; others had blank expressions.  Once off of the bridge I see people having lunch outside with their families. Some with their children, others with their significant other. There are people of all different races and ethnicities. It all feels so peaceful. I feel the wind blowing and birds chirping and playing in the sky. People are chatting while enjoying their meals. I see people walking their dogs, some people have on athletic gear and are jogging or riding their bikes. I see several different apartments complexes, some newer than others. This particular area reminds of an area called Hinsdale in Illinois. The two are very similar; the trees are tall and bare. During the spring, I could only image how beautiful the neighborhood will look. I think that Inman Park is a unique community in Atlanta. Its location is very discreet because it is off of Broadway Blvd not too far away from Georgia State Campus. The area is a little similar to Edgewood because it’s a bit rustic and eccentric, but it is also very family friendly and old-fashioned.  I visited a smoothie shop called Kale Me Crazy, and I got a smoothie called Tropical Trippin’ , the employees were all very nice and the cashier even went to Georgia State. Overall, I felt very comfortable with my experience at Inman Park. I would definitely go back again with some friends.

*All photos taken by Gabriella Anetekhai

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